with the flu influenza that we read on the headlines of every morning newspaper, i thought i might tell my tale of a unfortunate soul. the resent toll at the missionary training center is 3 diagnosed with this swine flu, while 14 others are being concealed until their symptoms change for the better. one of which apparently has a 98% chance to have receive the swine flu, who is none other than Elder Mitchell, the taiwan taibei missionary that has been in my district for the last 7 weeks. given that he has gotten a strain of this flu, and has been both in my presence as well as all the missionaries in the 18 D district, we are all given the free pill to hopefully cure this sinful disease. the funny thing is, i havent the slightest idea on what it actually is. other than i shouldn’t panic, and that it is just like anyother flu. some how the media just doesnt confirm that. i guess it is a normal flu with normal flu symptoms,we as humans have never been exposed to it. so until our bodies produce enough antibodies to immune itself we are all subject to catching this historic flu. yeah. so thats nice for our grand kids that get our good genes after i have perfected them for them, but what am i supposed to do? just hope that i dont die?! well i hope thats the least of my worries, for now i just hope i still have a job, that is im not too sick to be kicked out. the MTC  was built for spreading diseases. so for now, just dont touch me. apparently thats what will save us.on a happier note, i went and recorded some korean today. i learned how to use the recorder(which has one real button) and edit all the file that we will be using. i learned all that right before i heard about the sad news dealing with my missionary. i feel bad for him i really do. he will be fine, im really not worried about him. he really has gotten the fire of missionary work and has become really focused. he has made some great strides. he got to to talk to his family and has a room all to himself with anything that he wants. too bad he’s sick, it might really be nice. but honestly im really not worried about him. he is under the first presidencies eyes, they know his name and they are watching, ever watching. it is safe to say that this is their number one concern for the church and the work. plus with all the faith of the MTC missionaries?  i convinced my district that it is possible to commit someone to baptism over the phone at the referral center,first time talking to them,  and they did it. they have faith. plus Elder mitchells desire to serve? he is going to be fine.

on a cool note, if you were watching channel 2 news tonight, you might have seen a familiar face. they were at the door steps of the MTC and i happened to be walking out as they were recording. i walked right behind the guy talking without even noticing that he was there. so i might be on the news, but only a glimpce. but its more than you can say.


i got out this weekend, i played my most manly card and went out with my older brother on a father sons camp out with his ward. i went, and i even slept in the tent.the only deep thought that i had while i had the mountain to myself was that the pioneers had to have a camp every day. and i thought i dont think i would have like that so much. then i thought about how i have heard about some people that live in tents and such, and i dont think i would like that either. so im not a camper, never claimed to be, and dont think that i ever will. i like my bed, i like my shower, i like have a place to go to the bathroom. i needed to go camping at least once, i havent done it since years before my mission. and even though camping may have been a step up in some areas (you dont have to deal with  armies of coach roaches that swarm the halls and your bed, and the smell of taiwans streets that linger from the sewers),  i still have no room to complain.  now that i have done it, i dont need to do it for another many years.  so sure you can ask me, but no i wont go.

a lot as happened in this last month, quick summary: i am still working at the mtc, but God and his blessings provided a way that i might work full time over the summer, so i am not in school for the first time in a long time. i forgot how nice it feels to not have to spend all day in the library. i love the library, i really do, i really do enjoy studying, its when you have to study for the a test or for no real reason other than for a grade. its how the school system feels to me, as much as i desire to learn and to be knowledgeable, it seems that the presure grades and assignments and test get in the way. i find i enjoy learning, because it is something that has to be worked for, and in my mind it makes you free. im not looking forward to going back to school again in the winter semester. i resently had a breakup, that has been a drastic event on both of us, and yet still an uncertian future. i have once again have to face the realitiy of living a boring single life. its kinda weird to have to remake friendships with old friends. i still hesitate to do it. and my desire to find more friends is so little, its making me realize i really have got to get some prozak or something. honestly, i havent really been that happy in a little while, just not my normal self, i have streaks, and life isnt by all means bad, just lost a lot of desire to go and do things that might make me happy. well time changes everything, and i just hit like a darker part of my life. other things that are new, not much unfortunatly, my calling has been very stressful, since i dont have counclers yet, and i havent gotten my home teaching done yet. oops, well i have until next weekend.

well i hope to start writing in my blog more often, its sad that i havent, i really enjoy having a blog and i enjoy what i have done with it so far. so you can look forward to more of my entries.

i havent written on my blog, oreven payed any attention to it for quite some time now, and i think it is because i felt like i had other things on my mind, and i didnt have the time or the care to do so, like i was waiting for something to happen so that i could get back into my blog era. well im back i decided, and i have a lot to talk about, but not really sure what i am going to talk about.

I just got back from california on spring break, san diego with katy. we spent the time with her sister and brother in law. we had a great time and we both grow a lot from it i feel. first off i cant tell you just how great it is that we had a GPS. i owe our entire enjoyment of the trip to that little device.

San diego is one of my favorite cities. i love that place,  i did grow up there but i didnt think that i would remember it that well, but i did. just being there brought back so many memories. i think i would like to live there again, i know i say that about everyplace that i go to, i do, its true. but the way that people live there was quite refreshing, and reasuring, life in provo utah is not well suited for much. i was quite impressed on how people live life in other places.  yes utah is the capitol of the church, and i repsect that, but provo isnt. i dont plan on living here the rest of my life, watching people get up and go running on the beach, bikeride down the neighborhood, felt so peaceful and so much more full of life that i want to be part of it.

today was one of the best days of my life. i thought that today was absolutly great! everything went just how it should have. i dont think that given my situation and my life standings at this point that i could have had anything better happen today. granted had i found a million dollars today that might have been better, or maybe had i just gotten married that also could have been better, but when an unexpected day with full of juicy goodness comes along, i feel privlaged to talk about it. just know that im going to bed a happy person, and that i have a big smile on my face. people are funny, we are all in this same world doing the same things. we are only different in the details, i truly believe that. that each one of us are simply just learning how to grow and how to make the best out of what we got. learning that the truth in everything is the only thing that allows us to progress. that belief on a subject that is not real made by our false asumptions is a falicy of life. but once we all as people come to a understanding, or has reach a conclution we can be happy. and thus i can say today was a happy day, as i was able to take relationships that i have with others and establish a truth, with even more than one person, and while i was at it make another person’s day. what a great day.

i have the best job in the world. i really do it love going to work, i feel great when im there, i feel inspired when i leave. you can tell the days that i do a good job or not, i will have a certain glow about me. which is the case for most spiritual experiences. i am now moving to the trc for next semester. i am normally in the classroom working one on one with the missionaries, doing their weekly interviews teaching chinese looking over their planners and goals etc. but i am now going to become a resource. im not being demoted or anything its just my time is up to be the resource. at first i was not looking forward to it at all, but after looking over my schedule and what all i will be doing i am going to love it. i have both friday and saturday nights off. thats new. also i get to choose my schedule according to me, however i want it. the missionaries will adjust to me.  also i will still be able to get to know the missionaries on a friendly basis. so what was once a disappointment has completely inverted and i am looking forward to spending all my time as a resource.

also key note, its really werid to know the missionaries before they come to the mtc. they see a whole new side of me, and i see a whole new side of them. i get to know them on every acoount.  as they learn and struggle and grow. its quite a personal thing and watching someone that you know well go through it is difficult. when they are to look up to me and expect me to give them advice etc, i would be lost for words. there is one missionary that i knew in jr high and high school, and it is great to see her, but it sure is weird. i hope this doesnt happen often. i guess so long as im not their teacher and i keep my distance.

David Jones is now married. what a relief. i think I’m really going to miss the guy. i have lived with him for a year now, and i don’t think that we ever had a moment of grief. the wedding was causal but very uplifting. i was privileged to attend the sealing in the salt lake temple yesterday, it made me feel just how important temples are, and how i have taken them for granted by not going as often as i feel like i should. it was good to see David and Eli get married, almost like it didn’t happen. they both looked great and they both were happy to be there, and more important they both said yes. i think that they are going to be good for each other. i used to doubt that they would every get married. i didn’t think that he would do it. i have stayed up late talking with people and telling them that david’s decision may have not have been the best one, and how he would be happier with someone else. i really respect dave. i really do and i think that it has come to where we are in a lot of ways become one. and the thought that he was getting married to someone that i didnt want to see him with was unbarable. i dont know why i didnt approve of Eli at that time. but i have come to my sences, it was great to see him get married. it really was, he is happy and that is all that matters. did didnt think that he would go through with it, but i always told myself that if he did that he must really love her. it was a crazy day yesterday but I’m glad to see david happy. so congrats to him.

im in a love hate relationship with computers. i like knowing what they can do, i just hate not knowing how to do it. i think they all should come pre-installed with an”easy” button

i was tired trying to figure out how to use my old account, i wanted to do many things that they site wouldnt let me do, so i decided to try and do another blog and i hope that this time i will figure out how to do what i want to do. for now i have two blogs, but i might just delete my old one and just keep this one, we will have to see, but for the moment i am still trying to figure out how to do this blog.

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